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Offering an integrated, independent, fully personalized REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISORY to those seeking a conscious relationship of clarity with their money and future dreams as they navigate through life with it’s many changing choices, transitions and opportunities.

An Inspired Relationship with Your Future, Starting Now!

Offering a Partnership of Wholeness to your Wealth and Well being.

In our view there is something frighteningly missing in the world of financial planning, wealth-building and investment portfolio management today.

  • What is missing? ...YOU!
  • Where are You in your portfolio? (You, with your very real, everyday needs, changing circumstances, questions, concerns and aspirations?)
  • Where are You in your financial adviser’s focus, motive, attentiveness – and heart?

Would you like to be equipped with your own Financial Navigation System and have at your fingertips:  an independent financial adviser who can help you to define your short and long range vision and goals for life — and then know where you stand on your course as daily decisions, choices, and changes come up?

Are you ready to be proactively Wealth-Conscious about the kind of life – and retirement lifestyle – you are paving?

We’d love to share with you something remarkably refreshing and life-empowering. It is a game changer. It has changed our way of doing business … and it is freeing the lives of our professional and high net worth client/friends!

2016MattCutOut“If you seek self-fulfillment in your life, I invite you to step into the journey of a lifetime by joining me on a path of conscious financial navigation and self-mastery.

This is an adventure you don’t want to miss or let pass you by: one of truly taking charge for embodying your dreams, values and life purpose!

I invite those who want more than a plan on a shelf; those who intuitively are seeking a highly personal and professional relationship of engaged partnership with managing their assets – one where soul and mind and money meet in true self-mastery and the fullest expression of your goals and dreams, join us and lets start mapping your wealth-wellness journey now.”

Mattawe P. Clements, R.I.A.  Managing Principal







our proprietary Financial Navigation System (FNS) and full service independent, life-engaging professional counsel.

With our proprietary Financial Navigation Modeling System, you will be able to graphically see and compare: the predictive financial performance of your current portfolio to your financial goals and long term needs — in clear black and white.

Let us show you how your life and wealth-building can take on whole new dimensions of richness, clarity, direction, and freedom to fully experience your life. if so, let’s talk.



Meet Your Registered Financial Adviser and Strategic Financial Navigation Partner


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Matt Clements, R.I.A. Managing Principal

Matt is a Registered Investment Adviser* with over 3 decades running his own business and growing his own career as a financial consultant and adviser.  As an RIA, Matt is one of a relatively small group of approximately 11,000 in an industry of approximately 1,000,000 advisors and planners nationwide who carry the designation Registered Financial Advisor (RIA), also called a Registered Investment Firm. 

RIAs are Held to a Higher Standard

Many investors are not aware of the difference between fiduciary and suitability standards.*

The difference between an adviser who is an RIA (with fiduciary standard of licensure with the SEC) and vast majority of financial advisers in the work force today (held only to “a suitability standard” of attention) is something all investors should be made aware of and understandFind out the difference, and then ask your current adviser these questions.

Excerpt: (Extracted excerpt courtesy of:  “An RIA has been through the most stringent certification process available in the industry. They have invested significant time and financial resources to obtain this designation. As such, you are immediately assured that they are likely to possess a level of intelligence, dedication and professional experience far in excess of their peers. They represent the top 1% in their field.

An RIA is required by law to act as a fiduciary on behalf of their client, meaning that the must put the client’s needs ahead of their own, and are regulated to ensure that they do so.

Further, many RIAs own their own advisory firm, making them truly independent of the type of influence that banks and brokerage firms are known to exert over their in-house advisors and brokers. As business owners, they are better positioned to understand the needs of any clients who might also be business owners.” (Extracted excerpt courtesy of:

NOTE: All financial work and professional advice at Clements Investment Management is strictly conducted by Mr. Clements with no personnel access to secured client files.

From Matt’s Blog – From time to time we post something intended to serve you on your financial path of self-refection.

Each of the 3 doorways facing us at a midlife challenge has it’s own specific kinds of pain and confusion when trying to set up a secure life plan for protecting one’s future.   Life crossroads, and how well we meet these times of upheaval are one of the most deadly dangerous — and one of the most potentially prosperous — times along the life long journey…
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