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Mattawe Phillip Clements, RIA;   Founder, CEO and Managing Principal of CLEMENTS INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, Inc.  is a seasoned financial professional adviser with over 20 years of experience assisting clients in achieving their personal financial and family protective potential, while aligning assets to meet and support their immediate and future financial wealth and wellness.

Matt’s early education is harvested from real life: Growing up as one of 6 siblings in a large extended family of rancher/farmers in Nevada, Matt earned his education “the old fashioned way”: through self-discovery, hard work, and incremental personal growth and achievement.

In his late teens, Matt began his career as a construction contractor/developer, followed by 20+ years as owner of M.P. Clements & Associates, providing health and life insurance protection plans.

Over the years Matt’s business interests, training, and insight organically grew into an integrated financial advisory counsel, including investment and portfolio asset strategy and management services, and culminating in his current leadership role as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) planning strategist and independent management company. His business model is fee based rather than commission and separates the financial planning from assets management – thus intentionally removing conflict of interest that so often confuses and reduces other firm’s abilities to remain 100% customer driven in their advise and management decisions. (For more about the added protection and power of an RIA over other common options, read here.)

RondaMattSmileGold-SMALLMr. Clements’ business has evolved over the past several decades into a deeply rewarding service offering comprehensive wealth planning and management investment services that include and incorporate private self-development workshops serving women and men who are at a significant crossroad or transition point in life.  His company model is set up to uniquely help  clients during life change and transition to identify and align their core values, dreams and visions with their short and long range  needs and assets into a fully responsive and integrated wealth building strategy.

Matt recognizes that emotionally-charged times of change and economic uncertainty, offer unique opportunities and often more complex needs for new supporting structures to protect and nourish these changed conditions, newly awakening visions, personal needs, and future dreams.

This is particularly true during significant life transitions such as divorce, loss, retirement, death of a loved one, or other significant changes of life circumstance.

These critical crossroads in life also typically carry a great deal of fear and questioning, which can severely constrict and limit one’s normal capacity to think clearly, plan holistically, and act efficiently to effectively reach a “moving uncertain target” – your future currency and emerging new vision.


Matt Clements is a Registered Financial Advisor (RIA); a California licensed insurance broker;  owner, CEO, and managing principal of Clements Investment Management, Inc.; and an active leading partner with his wife, Ronda LaRue: an internationally-recognized teacher/author (The Art of Living Your Destiny & Remembering Who You Really Are; and Founder of the SoulArts Process of Awakening (TM)  Matt and Ronda often combine their professional gifts by offering private one-on-one life planning workshops for women and men at a crossroad in life, as well as small group retreat intensives.   You are invited to the journey…

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