It is our primary goal and fundamental commitment to help you experience true wealth in all aspects of your life.

As Founder and Managing Principal for CLEMENTS MANAGEMENT INVESTMENT, Inc., I am personally engaged and professionally involved in all aspects of helping my clients define, move, protect and manage their financial assets into a strategic alignment with their highest vision and core values.

What this means for me personally is that I see my clients as life-long friends and I view my financial investment expertise as a sacred trust: one held to help mobilize each client’s unique needs, goals,  dreams, and vision for their life.

Practically speaking, I believe what makes Clements Investment Management, Inc., most unique in a world of financial confusion and options, are four key distinguishing factors:

  1. We have removed any conflict of interest from our services. This is key. We offer strictly a low percentage fee-based service that is not associated to commissioned products.
  2. We support and expect an independent financial plan to be the foundation upon which we structure, populate, and manage your financial assets.
  3. We work uniquely from a conscious level of personal growth. In other words, when you become a client of Clements Investment Management, Inc., we work together from the heart of the matter up, in order to help you identify and grow from your current situation into a future that is based on all aspects of health, happiness and wealth.
  4. Many of our clients are facing a new crossroad in life or are in a challenging life transition (such as divorce, retirement, loss of a loved one, a stuck-ness that is seeking new purpose).  These are very potent (and important) times in life  – ones requiring a particularly holistic and integrated financial picture and plan in order create and empower a life that is truly yours.


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