Retirement Planning Retreat

Putting Clarity and Wealth Into Your Life & Retirement Vision

Your Private Financial Mapping Retreat Intensive in beautiful Ojai California!

Top of the line integrated advisory for helping you create the very best retirement plan and investment structuring to serve your life vision, goals, and loves…

Ojai financial life clarity retreat workshopWelcome to the integrated art, heart and science of creating your life legacy…

We are thrilled to be uniquely capable of bridging what has been missing in the world of financial advice, by offering this life-transforming and uniquely integrated way of helping you put your money into its rightful service to your life vision and clarity of potential!


you have the key to your financial future successThis unique and unusual approach to successful financial planning is designed solely for those who want:

the very best in financial investment expertise and money management comprehensiveness:

…And that means YOU being very thoughtfully engaged in an open self-reflective depth process of discovery, personal visioning, and customized financial strategic mapping.  Where else can you create a sophisticated personalized financial navigation system for your life that is holistically driven by informal connection and partnership with your advisor?…


financial clarity private retreats in ojai california

Matt Clements, RIA with Ronda LaRue, M.S.

My life partner – international author, Ronda LaRue-Clements  – and I have, in the last decade, had the privilege of working with people from all over the world.

Many who come to work with us are:

  • career professionals or private practice entrepreneurs and physicians at midlife who seek to create a sustaining and protected retirement for themselves and their spouse;
  • women and men facing a significant life crossroads (such as divorce from a long term marriage; loss of a spouse; or upcoming significant inheritance) who wish to create a second half of life legacy and meaningful life adventure. (*)
  • *Please ask about our Family/Spouse Mediation and Communication Retreat offerings designed for those facing Inheritance or divorce mediation issues.

Because our Financial Navigation System and analytic financial tools are structured for those who will be using investment services within the U.S. as a strategic tool in their life planning and money management, we normally suggest and work with those with a current or incoming investment potential of $1M+ USD (although the retreat itself can be useful to others as well).


Your lifestyleA Full Personal Retirement Planning Evaluation

Including  a clear comparative graphic analysis showing you just how your current portfolio is projected to perform against a set of more personalized and strategic options.  Yes! you will be reviewing and receiving financial proforma and graphical evaluations based on your financials and projected life scenarios.

Set of Self-Discovery Wellness and Well Being Drivers

Including a set of probing self-reflective questions to help you gain deeper clarity on core values, dreams and choices as they relate to financial options and integration decisions.

Take-Home Tools for a Life-Long Legacy

Finding Clarity at life crossroads by author ronda larue Ojai california


Including direct experience using the tools of “The Art of Breakthrough” (TM) – a proprietary process founded by author/teacher Ronda LaRue-Clements for following your true passion, and for communicating with family/partners in a way that unblocks old patterns so that your financial legacy can be effectively lived.

*Ask about our Family/Spouse Mediation and Communication Retreat offerings designed for those facing Inheritance or divorce mediation issues.


Totally Private and Personalized Attention and Care that is Real


Dinner with a private client at our artisan home in Ojai

Including being welcomed into our own private home and Ojai Community; sharing meals, ideas, visionary walks while gaining from our many years of professional and seasoned expertise, systems, and take-home strategic financial living tools.

Please inquire for options, more detail, and how these private financial clarity mapping retreats are priced…

…or to discuss other personalized arrangements, including: the potential of traveling to you, or designing you a special group or family retreat (particularly good where inheritance issues and communication mediation are needed).

NEXT STEP?  Please take a look and give us a call…


The 1-Day Full Retirement Analysis Turbo Retreat

Most suitable for those living nearby who are approaching retirement and who wish to set up a clear picture and mapped navigation plan for meeting both current and sustaining quality of life. (A number of practicing  physicians and regional artist/actors have chosen this highly targeted retreat day with us.)

Normally arriving at our charming artisan home office in Ojai at 10am, you will be ready to depart with your Retirement Analysis Prospectus by dinnertime (with some prep work prior to coming).

This option normally includes your own 2 hour break for site-seeing, a massage, relaxing at our retreat-setting home, or shopping in town (while Matt conducts his evaluation of your information and charts your financial map)  and then meeting back for the analysis – and often a shared dinner before heading home.

The Financial Clarity and Life Re-Visioning Intensives a 2-4 Night Personal and Private Depth Retreat for Full Financial and Living Legacy Make-Over.

These in-depth retreat intensives are for those at a crossroad or significant transition in life (often a divorce, recent inheritance, or upcoming retirement/selling of a business practice) and who wish to enter into a truly life-transforming process that includes both top-of-the-line financial expertise from Matt Clements, RIA and CFO of Clements Investment Management, Inc.,  alongside the integrated self-visioning work with international author, Ronda LaRue-Clements, M.S.

NOTE: Because these retreats are completely personalized, please let us know if you would like us to design a retreat plan and protocol for family inheritance, spousal divorce, or business partner buy/sell meditation/communications and financial structuring.


ronda larue and matt clements investment inheritance meditation retreats

Matt Clements, RIA with Ronda LaRue-Clements,M.S.

We firmly believe that this Clarity Mapping Financial Retreat Process we offer is unparalleled in how it can (and will) positively change the lives of those for whom it is a suitable and aligned integrated approach to financial partnership.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your interests and needs and to see if this might be a good fit.

We will honestly reflect and advise if we believe this is not the right program, or if we feel that we cannot be of the best service to you…. And we will always do our best to help direct you where we can.