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spiritual money management with retreat leader ronda larue and Registered Investment Adviser Matt Clements in Ojai California

Ronda LaRue, M.S.

Personal Quality of Life Coach /Retreat Facilitator

Ronda holds a Master’s of Science degree in Applied Research and Evaluation Methods (TCU)  and is the former President/Founder of InfoVision Systems (1986-2003) where she consulted as marketing and human resource development with such organizations as the City of Santa Barbara; Mentor Corporation; Henry Crown Company among many more during those several decades.

Today, Ronda’s work as author and personal life coach has come into the lead in her life as people travel from all over the world to work directly with her to learn how to apply the tools of self-awareness to every day life decisions and choices. Ronda offers ongoing podcast interviews and many free resources on her websites.  Her work as a retreat leader earned her the ranking of “Top 10 Spiritual Retreats in the World” (Asia Spa Magazine, 2007).

At Clements Investment Management, Ronda works hand-in-hand with her husband Matt Clements as they combine the art and scientific study of self-awareness and consciousness in their own lives and in a unique relational approach with clients seeking an integrated and inspired financial mapping program from which to navigate their daily world of evolving goals, changing needs, health and retirement concerns, hopes and dreams.

NOTE: Ronda’s role with Clements Investment Management is strictly conducted on the aspects relating to personal quality of life and tools offered for conscious self-growth and awareness. She has no role in the financial strategy and council at Clements Investment Management, LLC; offers no financial strategy or analysis; and does not have access to client financial files or systems.

Your Professionally-Charged Dynamic Duo

What can evolve in your financial life  …when you have a top Registered Financial Adviser paired with the wisdom and tools of a leading author and teacher of conscious living arts?…


Matt Clements, R.I.A. with  Ronda LaRue, M.S.

Matt and Ronda, each bring over 3 decades of successful business experience in their own profession.

Matt Clements is a seasoned and independent Registered Financial Adviser (RIA) and owner of Clements Associates and Clements Investment Management, LLC;].

Ronda LaRue brings over 30 years expertise in corporate consulting and market analysis as owner of former consulting company InfoVision Systems. Today she is an internationally-respected author/teacher and founder of Center for SoulArts, where she works with individuals from all over the world who come to work and learn how to apply her unique SoulArts Process of Awakening(TM)  in very day real life.

Together, Ronda and Matt share their love for their own professional work on a daily basis as they have deepened together in a rich inquiry that is essential to all conscious relationship –  whether in marriage or with their client/friends who likewise seek to fully navigate their life’s own unique pathways of true wealth and well being.  What an honor it is to share life on such a rich and integral way with others…

Matt and Ronda are husband and wife, who “walk their talk” and bring a transparent realness and genuine deep caring to all relationships in work and in home life.  They are blessed to each be at a stage in life where they are able to do their lifework from their charming artisan home in Ojai California, where people enjoy a “down home” friendship among the very best of professional practices, training and expertise.

We look forward to working with you if and when the time is right.